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New Social Club Coming


No Beef Among Girls

No Beef Among Girls* (NoBAG) monthly potluck dinner parties are the modern era's social club.

Find one. Or start one. Then, pour yourself one. 

Those hosting NoBAG dinners bring friends and neighbors together once a month.

The group is all about connection and all about motivating each other on small steps for a better world (win-win!). The potlucks have no beef on the menu (you're welcome atmosphere**!) and no beef amongst each other*** (you're welcome friend who can never think of a comeback!). 

Each group has their own style. What's consistent with NoBAG is pre-planned potluck menus, a plan to rotate hosting, BYOB, and two monthly conversation prompts: one for solidarity and one for fun

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* Founded by two feminists using the term girl to keep it casual.
** Scroll halfway to "Beef Has the Biggest..."
*** Idioms 1 and 2 : slang: A source of disagreement; a feud.
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