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Better Next is a social impact special projects firm with extraordinary expertise in measurement.


"Carmen was on it! Her expertise and partnership helped us evolve and focus our social good efforts."

VP, Marketing, CPG company (plant-based meat)

"Carmen brings a creativity to her approach that is simultaneously practical, innovative, and enlightening. Everyone who works with her wants more time with her passion and more of her insights!"

Kari Niedfeldt-Thomas, Managing Director, Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose

"Carmen was a game changer for our organization. Leveraging deep industry expertise she translated our needs to a clear vision and strategy with the ability to advise us all the way down to operational execution. Her passion for driving societal impact was infectious across our team."

David Evetts, AVP, USAA

"The flagship ESG process and strategy Carmen created for our company got the wheels moving to action faster than we could have ourselves. She coalesced our thinking while adding her expertise, and guiding us along the way."

Jennifer Porter, Sustainability Officer & Vice President, GBB Professional Services

"Our Research Leadership Council had lots of ideas on measuring business impact- Carmen was able to truly listen, distill our core insights, and add her own forward-thinking to the paper we published."

-Kyra Scalea, Former Senior Leader of Crew Giving & Volunteerism, Vanguard

"Carmen Perez is a highly-trusted professional in the field of impact measurement. We've been honored to share her thought leadership with our corporate partners."

-Ingrid Embree, Managing Director, GlobalGiving

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