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Register: Salon-Style Discussion

Disrupting the Business of Outcomes Measurement

July 11, 1:00pm EST

Join us for a collaborative thought leadership session. We need to think differently in order to break old impact measurement patterns. 

Have you ever wondered why the only path to better measurement seems to require that your company allocate a large budget, on top of what your team has already invested in rolling out grants and/or volunteering software solutions? 


Impact measurement needs to turn a corner. The objective of this collaborative conversation is to CHALLENGE assumptions that have dominated what is considered best practice measurement in recent years. 

There will be three or four discussion prompts each followed by facilitated response to ensure as many as possible are able to share. We will end by asking: is there is a there there? If yes, we'll set some next steps. 


Conversation will be limited to 15 participants.

Zoom link will be provided by email after registration.

July 11th, 1pm EST

Thanks for registering!

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