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Better Next Measurement Framework

The Better Next Measurement Framework is designed for corporate social impact professionals.
Your team can use this modern framework to
improve results, reduce inequities, and increase efficient use of everyone's time



Better Next has put its extraordinary measurement expertise into a NEW framework available to all corporate social impact professionals. Teams that apply the framework will improve results, reduce inequities, and increase efficient use of everyone's time. 


Measurement is part of our systems. Therefore, we have a responsibility to think about whether or not measurement has exacerbated or reduced systemic inequities.  With this in mind, the framework offers a practical approach to the operations of drawing insights from data and a human-centered approach to how measurement decisions affect people and communities. 


Learn more about the framework's method statement:


and how teams can apply the framework themselves by downloading the guide below. 

Download the Better Next Measurement Framework

Click here to download the framework


Pedestrians from an Ariel View

Adam Robinson, VP

"Our team always has an eye out for new takes that help us increase our results and communicate our intended impact. This measurement framework has a refreshing combination of leading thinking and practical application."

Farron Levy, CEO
True Impact

"This framework presents key concepts that will help ensure a solid foundation for virtually any corporate measurement and evaluation initiative. A real asset."

Marla Wilson,
ex-Discovery Education. Present, New America

"Improving measurement is a notoriously sticky challenge. When I first saw the framework I saw a possibility for corporate leaders to truly make forward progress." 

Pedestrians from an Ariel View

Pritha Mittal, Macquarie Foundation,
Head - Americas

“We started by listening to how our partners track their own impact, then leveraged Carmen’s expertise  to evolve our measurement methods smartly balancing what our team, Board and partners sought to learn from the data and about our impact and results.”

Doug Conant, Chair, CECP.
ex-CEO, Campbell Soup
Co, Founder, Conant Leadership

"I highly recommend Carmen…she is gifted in her measurement work and she is an even better person. In short, she is a winner"

Scott Gillenwater, NRG,
former Manager PositiveNRG

"Working on measurement was always on our mind but hard for our team to act on because of limited bandwidth. It's helpful how this framework focuses teams on specific measurement improvements."


Better Next is available to support teams that prefer not to apply

the framework themselves. 

Packages can include facilitation, implementation, or both. 

The typical term covers a full year's data cycle. A sensible, customized amount of hours are determined for the specific deliverables each leader/team needs.

Thank you!
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