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Modern Measurement Training

Scroll down and register! Learn how to use social impact data in service of the mission.


Less theory and more applicability.


Statisticians need not



Not yet another spin on the logic model.


Corporate social impact professionals will gain knowledge, skills, and conviction.


Presenter, Carmen Perez, has deep subject matter expertise that combines thought leadership and practical application.


Small group setting allows for discussion and relationship building. 

After completion, session materials sent by email and Certificate of Completion issued by Better Next, LLC to hang up and impress colleagues.

Enroll Before: Feb 29th


What You'll Learn

Four Fast-Paced Sessions Packed with Content


The Field of Measurement

Organizations, people, and events that dabble in or drive measurement. Measurement mini history. Standards and guidelines that influence measurement practices. Measurement in the rising age of audit/assurance. 


Software and Surveys

Gathering social impact data from colleagues and systems. Holistic view of corporate social impact data types.

Mini lesson on survey writing. Collect social impact data while applying modern understanding of reversing inequities. 


Emphasis on Useable Results

Spreadsheet exported, now what? Create and codify a single source of truth focused on operational excellence and insights that inform. Use of estimates and disclaimers that are linked to good data governance practices.


Insights and Visuals

Visualization for enhanced meaning. Scorecards and dashboards and slides, oh my! Sprinkling data in story-telling. Expressing the value proposition. Factoring in audit/assurance. 


Who, When, How Much

Sliding scale fees from $649 to $349.

Link to pay online sent with registration confirmation.

Hurry! Enroll before February 29th

Inaugural Session Dates are April 4, 11, 18, 25.

Content presented 12p-1p ET / 9a-10a PT.


Content designed for corporate social impact professionals from entry-level to mid-level. Department Heads will also benefit, but may opt-out of certain topics. 

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