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Panel Analogy

Why did I start thinking about weddings while on a panel a couple weeks ago? Weddings paired with ESG work?

Stick with me…

We took some sweet photos (see below) but our wedding years ago was pretty simple… not that it wouldn’t have been fun to go bigger with the party. There’s plenty of help for that if you have the budget. The wedding industry is big business ($50B a year in the US!). 💰

At their core, weddings are (hopefully) about love ❤️ and a promise of long-term partnership.

My wandering mind hit upon a comparison that resonated with me

???and maybe you???

Would love to hear your reaction


What the wedding industry has done to love and partnership, the ESG industry has done to impact.


ESG industry refers to: software, evaluation, reporting, consultants, communications, data, strategic planning, assurance, retreats, conferences, research, and more. 📈

If no one in the industry was watching and someone stepped back to look at their environmental work, or social impact work – would they feel they are having an effect? Change was happening? Is the change/effect commensurate to the resources (time, money, expertise) invested in them? 🌳

The pomp of a lavish wedding may be for a couple deeply in love that will stand the test of time OR it may be an amazing party for two people destined for unhappy days and divorce.

Guests may have a hunch but don’t want to say it out loud 🤫

The inspiration caused by an amazing public face to ESG reporting (tis the season!) may be for a company that truly and deeply does the work to reverse injustices and reduce the planetary resource extraction to make a profit OR it may be a really well funded reporting machine.

Many may have a hunch but don’t want to say it out loud 🤫

You can have an amazing marriage without a fancy wedding.

You can have significant results without fancy ESG industry packaging or prominence.

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